Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

IF Motor Vehicle Administration (mva), District Court Judge, Your insurance company determines that you must complete the driver's improvements program.



Driver Improvement Program at a glance

  • Cost is $120 for cash, $130 if you pay with a credit card
  • You can complete the 4 to 6 hour class in 1 day
  • You must achieve a passing score of 80% on the test
  • We schedule program sessions to fit your availability

What you need to bring with you to class

  • Photo ID
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Your letter from the MVA
  • Full advance payment


Choose among many convenient class schedules

1Is there a refund policy?
Yes. If you become ill and let us know in advance, we can offer a refund. Better yet, simply call ahead to reschedule the session. You cannot receive a refund if you complete the exam and we issue your certificate of completion. If we must cancel a date due to inclement weather, we'll contact you to reschedule.
2Is there a penalty for not completing the program on time?
In most cases, the validity of your driver's license depends upon completing the program by the deadline the MVA stipulates. If that date passes, your license has likely been suspended and you should no longer drive until completing the arrangements that MVA clarifies.
3What are my options if I fail the exam?
If you do not earn the required minimum score of 80%, you can retake the test after 24 hours. The fee to only take the exam is $30.
4How do I prove to the MVA that I've completed the program?
Once you pass the DIP exam, Friendly Driving Academy will send this information electronically to the MVA, which in turn will add it to your official driving record. If your license is suspended, directly contact the MVA DIP division to ensure you have permission to drive.
5Can I enroll for the program without an MVA referral?
If you simply want to advance your driving education, you're welcome to sign up. However, if you're enrolling to meet a requirement imposed as a result of a ticket outside Maryland, it's your duty to forward your completion certificate to the proper court or authority.
6Does completing the course subtract points from my record?
Unfortunately, no. All points that accumulate on your official driving record remain for 2 years from the date of the recorded violation.

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